Warehousing and Distribution is one of the most complex and dynamic sectors of the supply chain. As organizations grow,  logistics solutions must scale as well, increasing the demand for a flexible and dependable logistics solution or outsourced partner that can adapt to an everchanging environment.

As technology and automation continue to disrupt and evolve the industry, the discussion around maximizing the impact of people to drive business outcomes through leadership, process, and culture remains constant.

Through our candidate centric approach, our firm has successfully partnered with over 175 organizations since 2001 within the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. We have expertise working with and through privately held, equity owned and publicly held entities in strategy, scaling, M&A, organizational development, and talent acquisition.

Executive Leadership:

  • C-level
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Vice President, Operations
  • Vice President, Sales
  • Vice President, Solutions & Engineering
  • Vice President, HR
  • Controller

Middle Management:

  • Director, Operations
  • Director, Sales
  • Director, Solutions & Engineering
  • HR Manager/Business Partner
  • Project Manager
  • General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Operations Supervisor

Individual Contributor:

  • Director, Business Development
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Automation Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager

Our clients range from private, regional providers to globally recognized public corporations.

Contact us to discuss your staffing requirements.

Our Practice Leaders

Mike Knox

Managing Partner
Transportation, Logistics & SCM || Diversity & Inclusion

330.664.9400 x 119 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Erik Hammer

Managing Director
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 143 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Zack Schneider

Practice Director
Warehousing & Distribution

330.666.3354 x 128 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Nick Piotrowski

Practice Director
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 166 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Chris Hostettler

Senior Practice Leader
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 147 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Will Mercurio

Senior Practice Leader
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 108 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Caleb Ginther

Practice Leader
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 177 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Ian Fastzkie

Practice Leader
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 183 [email protected] LinkedIn

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Ryan Fastzkie

Practice Leader
Warehousing & Distribution

330.664.9400 x 184 [email protected] LinkedIn

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