Our Value to You: Specialist in Top Talent Acquisition

A complex economy and competitive labor market are forcing companies to consider new and creative ways to surface candidates. Top Talent is smarter, better educated, more confident, more technically skilled, and better rewarded than ever.  And with baby boomers retiring at an accelerating pace, significant shortages are developing at all levels.

Our clients are realizing that candidates have more choices and have to act strategically to engage and recruit talent.  Classified ads, online job boards, traditional company job listings and extended interview processes aren’t going to cut it.

Human capital is the single most important factor in business success.

It is more important than technology and product offerings. Mistakes in hiring can have incalculable costs in terms of relationships, revenue, and momentum.

These issues make your decision about a search partner even more critical. We develop true partnerships that grow over time, with each successful search, and with each invitation to get more involved in your company.

Global Executive Solutions Group uses the power of a vast network of contacts & relationships developed over the years, industry specialization and customized services and tools to deliver the results you need.

We leverage more than traditional database methods of surfacing talent. We factor in the individual personality, behavioral tendencies, leadership qualities, vision – all the things that a job board will never be able to do. These professionally developed recruiter skills are vital for screening, qualifying and exposing “red flags,” minimizing the risks involved in the hiring process.

Our Methodology

Our People

Prior to joining Global Executive Solutions Group, most of our practice leaders have worked as professionals in the industries who they now serve. When they join us, they not only bring with them their invaluable industry knowledge, but also their industry contacts, their awareness of industry trends, and their sensitivity to current marketplace issues. As specialists in designated industries, they participate in project teams that find the most qualified talent currently available for the positions you have open. This teamwork results in a clear understanding of your requirements and our ability to respond to your needs. In effect, we become an extension of your staff by becoming your partner in the search for top talent.

Our Process is tailored to fulfill your  staffing needs:
We Listen, We Understand, And We Implement.

Our Process

  1. We Listen. To be successful, we need to understand your culture, your short and long term goals, and the type of person who will succeed in your organization. We’ll ask questions . . . then we’ll listen and absorb.
  2. We Understand. Having a thorough knowledge of the industry or industries you serve is essential to us since we form teams to leverage industry and position knowledge on your behalf. We can draw upon over 2,000 search consultants worldwide depending on your needs.
  3. We Implement. Searching and finding the best talent are the hallmarks of our professionalism. We accomplish this through exhaustive research, comprehensive candidate interviews, in-depth vetting and reference checks. Only then is the candidate presented to you for interviews and evaluation.

Our Performance

Our clients know we meet our commitments. The proof is their high level of satisfaction and repeat business. To achieve the ideal fit, we know your objectives and we provide only top quality candidates for your consideration.

Our services expand to related industries depending on the needs of our clients. Whether we work on a permanent search (i.e. retained, priority, exclusive contingency), a temporary contract staffing requirement, a project or RPO, and whether you are a client or candidate, our experienced Practice Leaders provide quality consultative search and recruitment focused on the results expected.

Building an outsourcing partnership with you means working closely with your organization. Whether you need one, dozens, hundreds or even thousands of talented people, you’ll have a dedicated project team that understands your needs and your culture. When it comes to finding the best, no organization is better positioned to serve as your staffing partner than Global Executive Solutions Group.

We provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of quality and service. That’s a mission we’re already accomplishing for a variety of clients. It’s a mission we’d like to fulfill for you.

Contact us to discuss your staffing requirements or utilize our online request form to receive additional information.

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