Quality of Hire Process

We incorporate a comprehensive, multi-step process that is integrated with our client’s interview process requirements to identify, vet, present and close the right candidates for our client’s review.

If other steps are requested by our client (such as administering a screening assessment or drug test), the Search Process is modified to incorporate those additional steps. Every successful placement is the result of utilizing this highly refined and time-tested search process with a number of unique tools.

Contact the appropriate practice leader to discuss your search requirements.

1. Practice Leader Consults with Client

  • Identify your vision, mission & objectives
  • Understand your company culture
  • Define your position requirements
  • Develop the Search Criteria Profile
  • Review Search Criteria Profile with Hiring Manager
  • Clarify the hiring process
  • Prepare your selling points for the opportunity
  • Schedule weekly status review with client

2. Develop Search Plan

  • Define a strategy
  • Assemble project team
  • Develop detailed Industry Research Plan
  • Develop Candidate Research Plan
  • Prioritize tactical objectives

3. Conduct Market Research

  • Select from extensive database resources
  • Research industry and competition
  • Identify list of target companies
  • Compile list of potential industry contacts to call

4. Initiate Search Process

  • Network with industry contacts & resources
  • Gather names
  • Pre-qualify list of potential candidates

5. Interview list of Potential Candidates

  • Develop Comprehensive Background Profile
  • Screen for Red Flags
  • Secure list of references
  • Qualify for Final Review

6. Select Finalists for Presentation

  • Compare & evaluate best qualified candidates
  • Select Potential finalists
  • Perform final in-depth interviews
  • Reference check performance
  • Check and verify credentials (i.e.degrees, compensation)
  • Choose Finalists for presentation

7. Present Final Candidates to Client

8. Schedule First Client Interview(s)

  • Determine type of interview (telephone, face-to-face, video conference)
  • Confirm who will be interviewing
  • Schedule days and times
  • Coordinated Logistical details for both candidate & client
  • Prep candidates & client for interview

9. Debrief with Candidate

  • Facilitate detailed feedback
  • Review advantages of opportunity
  • Verify continued interest in proceeding
  • Cover counter offer
  • Speak with spouse if continued interest

10. Debrief with Client

  • Facilitate detailed feedback
  • Discuss candidate feedback
  • Agree upon next steps

11. Coordinated Compatibility assessments (if required)

12. Schedule additional interview(s)

  • Set days and times
  • Coordinated Logistical details

13. Debrief with candidate

  • Facilitate detailed feedback
  • Verify degree of interest with candidate
  • Confirm continued interest of spouse

14. Debrief with client

  • Facilitate detailed feedback
  • Discuss candidate feedback
  • Discuss which Candidate who will receive offer

15. Conduct Reference Checks

  • Performs thorough examination of candidate’s background with references
  • Verifies Education (Diplomas)
  • Verifies current compensation (W2)
  • Submit written reference checks & verifications to client
  • Criminal Background check (if requested)

16. Initiate Closing Discussion with Candidate

  • Prepare Comprehensive Compensation Analysis
  • Review all elements required from Candidate to accept an offer
  • Discuss upcoming offer with spouse or significant others
  • Resolve any other issues before offer is extended

17. Assist in Offer Preparation with Client

  • Submit Comprehensive Compensation Analysis
  • Prepare Draft Letter of Agreement
  • Discuss all elements of offer with client
  • Receive approval on final documents to be sent to Candidate

18. Extend Offer to Candidate on behalf of Client

  • Extend offer to Candidate by phone
  • Secure verbal acceptance
  • Receive signed Letter of Agreement from Candidate
  • Notify Client of Acceptance
  • Coordinate Client congratulations phone call to Candidate
  • Initiate background investigation and drug testing (Optional)

19. Assist candidate with transition

  • Prepare candidate for resignation (ie resignation letter, communications)
  • Review counter offer dynamics
  • Confirm start date after resignation is completed
  • Assist with relocation services (if required)
  • Maintain contact during transition to assist with any issues

20. Follow-up post start date with candidate & client

  • Based on a successful completion of the search assignment, Global Executive Solutions Group seeks verification from the client that the process has been completed satisfactory and that the assignment is complete.
  • Maintain a relationship with clients and candidates after successful transitions in order to ensure the process has gone smoothly and no detail has been left out.

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