Global Executive Solutions Group serves clients in varied industries to meet their needs for skilled management.  Our research, recruitment and selection processes are generally conducted globally to retain and deliver the most qualified talent.  We are committed to continually strengthen our leadership position as a strategic, forward-thinking and value-added authority on talent acquisition.

Our Mission: To craft the best possible match between our clients and the top talent they require.

When the match is correct, everyone wins!
-Jim Chadbourne, Managing Partner

We understand the dynamics that drive the markets in which we operate. Our seasoned professional team utilizes every available means to ensure that we deliver the most qualified talent on a timely basis.

We have an excellent understanding of today’s diverse talent pool and we invest our time and resources in rigorous profiling and researching. The end results are thoroughly qualified candidates who are excited and eager about our clients’ opportunities and make an almost immediate impact on their new company.

Core Values

Everything we do at Global Executive Solutions Group centers around our core values.  It is the framework that defines, shapes and improves us in all that we do.


A positive manner & disposition in interaction with any person; a positive expressive body posture or emotion that represents having goodwill toward the work environment around our clients and candidates.


A cooperative, coordinated effort by a group acting together to reach a common goal or cause, networking and sharing ideas to better meet our client’s needs.

Work Ethic.

Exerting effort directed to produce or accomplish objectives using a system of principles to meet standards consistently through maximum effort.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character, honesty. In other words “doing the right thing”.


Living up to our Core Values while performing at the highest level with the goal of execution against objectives, striving for excellence.

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