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You may find it interesting to learn that in a recent survey of some of the most successful internationally ranked executive recruiters, the top 5 reasons they were attracted to this industry were the following:

  • Opportunity for independence in an entrepreneurial culture
    Building a business within a business
  • Change in career direction
    Taking charge of their own future
  • Unlimited earning potential
    Able to control how much they earn
  • Challenge
    If it were easy, everyone would be doing it
  • Personal Growth
    Cultivating and developing new skills

If any of these reasons fit your objectives, Executive Search may be right for you! At Global Executive Solutions Group, we have built a culture that thrives on teamwork, technology, and partnership. This atmosphere provides individuals with tremendous opportunity for career development and growth.

Our Opportunity:

If you would like to find an aggressive, independent, hard hitting group of “driven professionals” who could challenge and bring out your best (while having fun doing it) – we will interest you. We are seeking a few highly competitive team players who absolutely thrive on winning, would like to run their own business within our business and would like to be part of our growing firm.

Do you love to compete? Have a burning desire to be #1? Want to be compensated based on ability and how hard you work? Wish you could center your career around your life instead of your life around your career?

Global Executive Solutions Group can meet those needs and much more.

Our clients utilize our search services for finding top talent in virtually all functional disciplines including Senior Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, Purchasing, Maintenance, Safety & Risk Management, Analysis & Design, Logistics Engineering, MIS & IT, and Human Resources.

Here are several independently written articles describing the Executive Recruiting profession.

Our Organization:

Global Executive Solutions Group is a leading affiliate in the Sandford Rose and Associates network, one of the world’s largest and most successful recruiting networks with over 100 firms spanning the globe.
Global Executive Solutions Group has been recognized as one of the top 10 executive recruiting firms in the network.

Our Training:

In order for you to develop the appropriate expertise, we provide comprehensive training from initiation through continued and advanced skills development. If the process is followed, you will be successful, as our current associates will testify. You will become a “Top Gun ” Executive Recruiter in our firm. Access to over 50 interactive training modules and over 400 training aids are accessible via internet 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Our firm is committed to the professional development of our associates initially as well as throughout their careers.

Download our Ninety Day Training Program

Our Lifestyle:

Enjoy the privilege of “traveling” around the world, meeting talented and successful people, networking with the most renowned organizations, all without leaving your office. No hassle in busy airports, jammed roadways. No more unexpected weekend trips to meet clients. Everyone will be at your easy reach while you are safely and comfortably making deals by phone and using our state of the art computer-based tools.

We are talking about high quality of life. This is what you will get with a short commute and zero traffic stress. Once you are established in your recruiting practice, you can establish your own work scheduled of 45 solid hours per week and then have predictable free time to enjoy with your family and friends. You will now be able to book your getaways months ahead!!

This is not a dream. Most of us are seasoned executives who left lucrative careers to change the paradigm, too!!! This is only one of the great advantages of being part of our Global Executive Solutions Group team.

Our Associates:

Our Executive Recruiters come from all walks of life, from senior executives with as much as 30 years’ experience in industry to recent university graduates fresh off campus. Some have even come to us from other recruiting firms.

However, our work is extremely challenging- not everyone can make this career change.  Our successful professionals all have a number of traits in common:

  1. Passionate about being the best at what you do.
  2. Strong sense of business and bottom line.
  3. Ability to work independently as well as with others
  4. Teachable and coachable.
  5. Strong work ethic
  6. Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  7. Committed to building relationships based upon high levels of service
  8. Disciplined, organized and willing to be prepared
  9. Good listener
  10. Desire to make significant income.
  11. Prior sales experience a plus but not required.
  12. Ability to pick up the phone every day.

Our Earnings Potential:

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive, merit-driven environment that is a fun and exciting place to achieve your goals. We offer uncapped earnings potential. The average income for our Practice Leaders after 12 months experience is $119,000. The top 20% earned an average of over $210,000 last year.

Other benefits:

  • Company paid group medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Savings plan (401K) including a company contribution
  • Referral incentive program
  • Comprehensive awards program
  • Search Consultant Compensation Survey

Your Next Step:

If you have an interest, please apply online through our Executive Recruiter posting

or email your background with
Subject line: Executive Recruiter jxc1000 to [email protected].

We will send you additional information on executive recruiting and schedule a phone interview to answer your initial questions so you can determine if you wish to move forward in our interview process.

Jim Chadbourne, Managing Partner

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