Jim Chadbourne

Chief Executive Officer

330.664.9400 x 117 [email protected] LinkedIn

Jim is our Chief Executive Officer and founder of the firm.  He also leads our International Practice. He is a seasoned executive with over 25 years in manufacturing, logistics and transportation services, both in Fortune 500 and privately held corporations. With expertise in managing change through coordinating diverse functional areas such as Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Engineering, Quality Assurance, MIS, HR, Purchasing and International, his diverse experience enables him to identify with his clients’ needs, develop a clear understanding of their individual requirements, and deliver services that exceed their expectations.


The management team at the Global Executive Solutions Group has created one of the premiere executive search firms doing it with originality, flexibility and a true dedication to the success of the company’s clients, candidates and recruiting staff. They are intelligent, organized professionals with uncompromising values and expectations. If you want an organization that exceeds your expectations, they will assist you in reaching your objectives.

- J.D.D., CEO, Client

Jim Chadbourne is outstanding. I recommend him as an executive recruiter, career coach and all around great guy. I have known and worked with Jim many times sourcing top talent over the years.

- M.M., Client

Jim Chadbourne has created one of the premiere executive search firms in the country and he has done it with originality, flexibility and a true dedication to the success of his company’s recruiters, clients and candidates. Jim is an intelligent, organized professional with uncompromising values and expectations. He will help you reach for the stars.

- J.D., Recruiting Colleague

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