Clients who have a need to fill a large number of positions with similar candidate profiles can utilize our Project Services division. Our Project Services division develops & coordinates project teams from our global network of over 800 search firms to successfully fulfill large staffing assignments, quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s 50 sales representatives to open a regional market, 150 engineers to open a new plant or 500 telemarketing representatives to introduce a new product nationwide, we are up to the task.

The Process

Assessment. The project begins with an assessment of your company to get an overall picture of your corporate culture, business objectives, industry profile, key competitors and short- and long-term needs.

Review and Improvement.
We review your hiring process – how you interview, package and extend employment offers. If we see ways to enhance your current process, written recommendations will be presented to you. If approved by you, these modifications will be incorporated in the project plan.

Profile Development.
A project manager develops a profile that identifies your strategic goals, the ideal candidate, the number of openings and other details. This information is then delivered to our project team.

Proposal. Next, we prepare a proposal that outlines time frames, goals, metrics, compensation, incorporating the modifications approved in your recruitment process and additional staffing solutions for your review and approval.

Implementation. Upon your approval, we implement the project plan, utilizing the full power of our network to find the right talent that match your needs and fulfills the assignment in a timely manner. Our search and recruitment professionals, dedicated to achieving results, concentrate on finding and securing the best candidates in your industry.

Follow-up. Throughout all phases of our process, we keep you aware of deadlines, goals and progress and helps you fine-tune your hiring process. Global Executive Solutions Group offers our retained search clients a 24 hour, 7 day a week virtual project management on-line website for their viewing. This site will keep you up to date on all of our current projects with your organization along with candidate submittals (including resumes) and much more. All sites are login and password protected for confidentiality.

Your Outsourcing Project Partner.
By outsourcing major staffing assignments to us, you are able to concentrate on your core competencies, while the best recruiting professionals in the world deliver the staffing results you want.

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