Whether states are installing wind energy mills or are leaders in producing oil and gas, the energy sector is one of the most influential in the U.S. Not only is this industry responsible for providing thousands of jobs each year, but it is one of the most important driving factors for building the economy through production and distribution. 

As more regions become concerned about creating renewable energy for the country, job opportunities in this sector have risen exponentially. According to Forbes, the top five states for these positions are California, Texas, Hawaii, Maryland and Massachusetts, all of which have announced thousands of new projects in this area.

Oil and gas, solar companies influence economy
Companies that specialize in energy production, whether by solar or oil and gas, have a great influence on the economy as a whole, as their operations affect thousands of other businesses in a variety of sectors. Because many of these other corporations use installations created by energy businesses, this sector can greatly affect the way other companies conduct their daily activities. 

Additionally, because this industry has such a great influence over other sectors, it leads to job creation both inside and outside of this job sector, Rigzone reported. According to the source, energy companies stimulate local economies since they require a great deal of local goods. As energy operations grow in any given region, as does the demand among local shops and resource providers.

Energy sector experiencing shortage of skilled labor
While this industry may be one of the most important to the U.S. economy, demand for skilled workers currently exceeds workers' capabilities, the Houston Business Journal reported. As more companies outside of the industry adopt renewable energy in their operations, businesses are struggling to find employees who have the right experience to fill positions.

According to the source, demand for energy initiatives is set to rise over the next five years, but the number of employment opportunities in these companies will increase as well. Specifically, 58 percent of managers in this field expressed that they have difficulty finding skilled workers. As older workers retire from the industry, this number is only expected to grow.

However, several companies and organizations have sought ways to combat this rising gap in demand and employee interest by adopting new initiatives, engaging local students and providing incentives.

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