Pete Punwani

Managing Director
Final Mile & Courier

330.664.9400 x 113 [email protected] LinkedIn

Pete is the Managing Director for the firm’s Private Fleet & Final Mile transportation practice.  Prior to joining the firm, he worked for over 19 years for one of the largest 3rd Party Logistics providers focused on domestic freight transportation services. Pete has held key management and leadership positions of increasing scope and responsibility.  He brings a thorough understanding of the transportation, logistics and supply chain industry, and excels at knowing how to align the right talent with organizations to build dynamic teams.

He has personally worked with over 200 organizations domestically and globally and has been recognized as a top 10% performer within a nationwide network of 600+ executive recruiters each year since 2019.

Pete’s personal work consists of executive search, organizational strategy, and strategic scaling of talent.


Pete has been instrumental in helping me find the perfect role to help advance my career. He assisted and offered effective tools throughout the interview process and was always available if I had any questions. Very easy to work with, provided great feedback and followed through on all discussions.  I would highly recommend Pete and his team if you are looking to make a move outside of your current organization.

- C.L., Director Sales, Candidate

It is my pleasure to recommend Pete Punwani as a recruiter. Pete Punwani was extremely thorough, articulate, enthusiastic and transparent.

Pete will take the time to prepare you for the interview. He understands how to use and apply the tools provided by his firm, Global Executive Solutions Group, to ensure you are well prepared for your interview. From how to handle specific questions and scenarios to how to improve the dialogue. You will be thoroughly prepared for interview.

Furthermore, Pete’s prompt communication was impeccable. He follows up timely and you never feel like he has forgotten about you. Whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or Saturday rest assured he will be in communication with you.

I have full confidence Pete Punwani will do his best to ensure you are the right fit and you are well prepared.

- D.C., Operations Manager, Candidate

I can honestly say that my experience with Pete Punwani as an employee recruiter has been the very best and most professional person that I have worked with in my 30 year career. I have worked with many recruiters that are very good but Pete is in a  league of his own. He takes you through so many exercises to prepare you for the interview process. He is a great facilitator for both the perspective employee and the hiring company.

- M.H., Sales Director, Candidate

I can’t thank Pete Punwani of Global Executive Solutions Group enough for his help and guidance during my latest career search.  Pete took the time to really get to know me and my strengths to find the best position for me.  He quickly got me set up with interviews from 3 separate people from one company and took the time to work with me and coach me on what to expect from each of the individuals as he understood their unique interview styles and what they were looking for.  Pete obviously knows his clients inside and out and uses that information to make sure you succeed.  I also can’t say enough how great Pete was with communication and his responsiveness.  After an interview we would discuss how it went and he would let me know when his next scheduled call with that person was.  I was always able to rely on getting a call from Pete immediately after his conversations with them to get an update.  It was like clockwork.  I hope I won’t be looking for another position anytime soon as he was able to help me land a job with a great company, but I know if I do, Pete Punwani is my first call.

- G.D., Account Manager, Candidate

I can confidently say that without Pete’s help through the entire process, I would not have been neither considered nor hired for my most recent career opportunity. Both the interview preparation and his work as my advocate throughout the process were invaluable to me as I endeavoured to move to the next stage of my career. I would whole-heartedly recommend Pete as a partner whether you are looking for an initial position or attempting to secure a promotion

- R.T., Director of Operations, Candidate

I have interacted with several recruiters over the past few years, and I can definitely say that Pete is head and shoulders above his peers. While others seem to be motivated by presenting as many candidates as possible for an opening, Pete serves as a trusted advisor to both the candidate and hiring company. He follows up appropriately, is transparent, and is genuinely interesting in matching the right candidate to the right opportunity and it shows. I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Pete and the process he uses to help qualify and prepare candidates.

- S.N., Account Manager Director, Candidate

From the first touch base to my offer letter Pete worked tirelessly to ensure he was not only representing me in the best possible light, but that the company I was interviewing with was the right fit for me. Thoughtful, efficient, and caring are all words to describe the experience Pete provided. Not only did he successfully place me with a great new employer, he did all the leg work so the only conversations I was having with the Company were about the role and opportunities, not the operational back and forth. Although I hope not to have to work with Pete again, but if I do find myself needing new employment, Pete will be the first person I reach out to.

- P.G., Business Development Manager, Candidate

Thank you to Pete Punwani for assisting me in a successful search for a National Sales Executive. During the engagement, Pete was very thorough, organized and attentive. He took the time to fully understand what I was looking for and was easy to work with throughout the entire process. I look forward to working with Pete on future projects. Thanks Pete!

- D.M., VP Marketing & Sales, Client

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help thru the process.  As I told you before, I am extremely impressed with how you conducted yourself and kept me up to date every step of the way.  I would not have received this offer letter without your help.

I honestly cannot think of anything that you could have done better.  You are a great recruiter and you did a great job for me and my family.  Thank you again for all of your hard work on this adventure!!

- M.B., Director of Transportation, Candidate

Working with Pete was an ultimate pleasure! I cannot say enough good things about him. I have worked with many recruiters in the past and the biggest thing that sets Pete apart from everyone else is his communication. He never left me hanging and I always knew what was going on. There was only one instance where I had to call him, but it was a Monday after the weekend and I think I was just a bit too antsy… but he called me back within the hour and had answers for me by the end of day. He knew what he was talking about and I found him extremely confident. I always thought that I was a pretty good interviewer… but his interview tips were STELLAR! Things that I would never think of to ask, he helped me with and ultimately helped me land my dream job. Finding work during a global pandemic is not the easiest or most pleasant thing to try to accomplish… but with Pete’s help, it was stress free and tolerable. Words cannot describe my gratitude for all the help!

- E.D., Security Compliance Coordinator (First Mile)

When Pete contacted me about an opportunity, I was extremely impressed with not just about how knowledgeable he was about the industry but about my current situation.  During the process, which happened to happen during the heart of the pandemic, Pete did an amazing job of just checking in even if there was no update to give.  From the first time I talked with Pete to months after my transition to my new role I know I can contact Pete for anything.  If you are looking for a recruiter who not just cares about the organization but about the individual Pete is who you need!  Thanks again Pete for an amazing job placing me in my dream organization.

- C.S., Sales Executive, Candidate

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Pete. It is rare that you interact with someone that you feel genuinely looks out for your best interests, and is determined to get you where you need to go. I felt that he set me up for success by also ensuring my career trajectory and the client’s needs were in alignment. Pete is incredibly sincere, personable, and insightful. I felt 100% supported and guided every step of the way.

Thank you Pete, for your effort, your dedication to helping others succeed. You’ve undeniably made a positive impact on the hiring process and also a positive impact on my life trajectory. Huge thanks and gratitude!

- A.G., Transportation Executive, Candidate

I was recently contacted by Pete Punwani of Global Executive Solutions Group. He had a client that was looking for a transportation executive, with specific skills and geographical requirements. We had some in depth discussions about my qualifications, and the duties and responsibilities of the potential position. He facilitated some conversations, a video interview, and ultimately a face to face interview with the client. During this time, Pete was very involved with coaching me with information, questions, and how to present myself during the interview process. This was crucial, because I had not been a part of the job search process in over 20 years. That being said, I feel that Pete’s involvement with my interview process was the key factor in my getting offered the position. I felt no nervousness or hesitation during the interview process, because Pete made sure I was prepared. I also felt that Pete was working for both his client and me, with regards to making this work for all parties. Ultimately, I was offered and accepted the position. I would highly recommend Pete Punwani as an Executive Placement Professional.

- C.S., Transportation Executive, Candidate

When Pete engaged me about an opportunity, I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was about the industry and the role itself. During the entire process he took the time to build trust and a relationship with me. What I appreciated most about him was his consistent follow up, his attention to detail, and always looking out for my best interests. From the first time I talked to him to long after I accepted an offer – I felt like I could call and rely on Pete at any time (even after hours). If an organization is looking for a recruiter who respects our industry and cares about finding the best match – Pete is your guy!

- Z.B., Manager Transportation Management Technology, Candidate

Working with Pete was a great experience. Because Pete and I worked together in his past career, we there was already a good rapport built up between the two of us. As a recruiter, Pete looked out for my best interests when he presented me with opportunities. Something else I appreciated was that Pete understand what motivated me personally. He found an opportunity for me that more than exceeded my expectations. Between his background in the transportation industry and his strong work ethic Pete has a bright future as a recruiter. He has my highest recommendation

- J.B., VP Transportation, Candidate

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for the work and extra effort you provided which allowed me to land the job at [client company] Company. Your guidance, industry knowledge and spot on advice ensured a most positive outcome.
I believe the job offer was due to your coaching style. Prior to each phone and in-person interview, you prepared me for the type of questions executives ask and then followed up after each. During the entire process your advocacy gave sense that things were moving smoothly, which, in the end led up to an excellent job offer.
My first three weeks with [client company] have been very busy learning their systems and processes. But none of this would have been possible without you and your effort placing me in this job.

- M.W., Dispatch Manager, Candidate

Working with Pete has been a great experience. I applied for the position with [client] and Pete called me immediately to discuss my background and next steps in the process. With each step, I was kept informed and Pete made sure I had a complete understanding of what was expected.

Prior to the interview, Pete set up a call to give me background on the individuals that I would be meeting with along with tips to make sure I was successful. As soon as he had feedback, he called to pass it along.

A few days prior to all interviews with [client] being completed, I was given an offer from another company. I called Pete and he informed [client], all while keeping me updated as to their progress. When it came down to the end, it was crunch time in order for [client] to put together an offer. His main focus that afternoon was getting it completed with the best overall package for me.

I am very excited to be starting with [client]. It probably wouldn’t have happened without all of Pete’s hard work!

Thanks for everything!

- S.W., Controller, Candidate

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