One sector of the economy where business and job growth are booming is the retail sector, which is seeing thousands of jobs added across the country by major retailers including Amazon and AT&T.

Online retail giant Amazon plans to add around 7,000 jobs across the country in an effort to meet new demands for growth, according to USA Today. Five thousand of those positions are expected to be placed in its many shipment fulfillment centers, with an additional 2,000 customer service jobs including full time, part time and seasonal work available.

While official salary numbers were not reported by the retailer, it has said jobs in its fulfillment centers will pay 30 percent more than a traditional retail job would. With the company expanding its distribution centers to add a wider variety of services such as grocery delivery, new hires will be necessary to keep their shipments on time.

Positions are available in ten states, including California, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Arizona.

Retail openings have led AT&T to announce hiring efforts to fill 235 positions in its South Florida stores before the end of October, looking for sales consultants and managers. This comes after an additional 650 job openings were announced in the state in April.

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